baby steps

found at 15th @ albion june 1, 2010.

grape with red wall and concrete

found on duboce at valencia, this lone grape soaking in the bright light and warm waves of an unusually hot san francisco afternoon. last friday, august 26 at around 2pm.

your conduct may be recorded.

ruh-roh! found on window of a shop on market at 7th street.

good to the last drop?

found on 15th between church and dolores in tree well yesterday afternoon. an offering…

ode to the black shards of analog…

found on 15th street between market and castro, four broken records, artfully arranged. did human hands place the vinyl this way? or did they fall so cleverly on their own? who broke the… Continue reading

the one that got away…

found on 17th between dolores and guerreo on saturday night around 7:30pm. crushed black shoe with mourning partner.

the magic apple gnome’s drying fleshy face

found in a dried leaf ridden tree well on dolores between 15th and 16th, mid-cloudy-afternoon. see the magic apple gnome peeking its curmudgeonly face and one bright blue eye from the shriveling fleshy… Continue reading

the great sneaker gabfest of 2011

found gathered like cocktail party professionals, mingling atop the cranky concrete, positioned strategically at the heels of the usps drop box, across the street from a burgeoning grassy knoll. overheard amongst the rabble… Continue reading


torn and tattered san francisco chronicle advertising section in a stairwell on dolores between 16th and 17th. this was on a tuesday morning at about 930am.  

“i fell down by myself!”

ink bleeding home made message on felled tree stump at dolores and 17th. I fell down by myself! I  was not cut down!