life goes on…

found on church street at 15th this Sansui VHS player ejected from her place of slumber and forced to beg in the streets like a common betamax.

you’ve blown it all sky high

found on buchanan at market this exquisite tableau… mattress nectarine bowl sidewalk

hey u north coast champions grey sweatshirt boy

hey u north coast champions grey sweatshirt boy – those headphones are so awesome!!!! k? bye! XO

ode to your bursting crimson flesh, oh nectarine!

ode to your bursting crimson flesh, oh nectarine! to your body now inflamed to your half chewed sinews dreaming to your asshole, to your eye

hey you guys with your stuff on the train

hey u guys with your stuff on the train! rock on!!! xoxox

street cleaning

found on guerrero at 16th, this well-worn Kenmore DynoMite Super Power Vac rests, exhausted after a hard morning shift.  

the melon and the gams

found on bartlett @ 21st, red seedy melon in plastic bag. as i leaned in to take this shot, the woman in the brown pumps said to the woman in the stilettos, “they… Continue reading

hey u young lady…

it’s a simple, daily act. a performance. a ritual. lucky me for all i see on BART.

sad face filas

found on 15th at church street these white fila basketball shoes. will they ever run swiftly across the courts again, cradling the feet of our sky leaping hero? where to, oh filas?

la plume et l’orange

found at 18th and san carlos, organic and inorganic slumber in harmony in the hazy heat of a mission morn.