golden girl in the warm october sun

found on san carlos at 23 this gorgeous golden girl getting her fair share of vitamin d.

hey u boy w/ the aviator glasses & shaggy hair

we gotta get outta this place…

found in the alley on 25th near mission jeans spilling from luggage as the guys walk away.

hey handsome i love your goatee!!

hey u sleepy skate punk boy – why so tired?

“damn, now i can’t watch the rockford files tonight!”

found on 14th @ dolores this retro “Teknika” TV. so analog. so amazing.

hey u with tattooed hands playing a video game

hey u woman in purple suede jacket i want to be your friend.

at end of turn, sacrifice spark elemental

found on dolores at 14th, this “spark elemental” fantasy game card waits to be sacrificed as the world moves around unknowingly.

hey u with the groovy headgear eating a fruit rollup!