clouds over oakland on monday afternoon

i was driving around town running errands. wherever i went, the clouds bellowed and roared like fat laughing angels. frank zappa played on the radio – a long crazy wail of release. i… Continue reading

calling on the smart phone for your love

eaten discarded pear decaying in the sun

found at valencia near duboce this eaten discarded pear decaying in the sun.

polaroid skin

found on 16th @ sanchez this polaroid skin.

hey u 2 ready to go?

shoe pile!

found on 16th @ Capp this pile of shoes getting down! whoop!

soft worn keds

found on dolores at 15th, one soft one ked heading northeast on a slightly soggy december morn.    

it depends

found on 15th at guerrero leftovers on paper plates viewed from three angles.

peanut spread on the stoop

found on guerrero @ 15th this reduced fat chunky peanut spread watches cars and people pass from the stoop and awaits the inevitable collision with a chocolate bar…

hey u standing peeps on a drizzly sleepy morn