surge: a response

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hey u with the cool green tshirt and groovy glasses

hey u with the cool green tshirt and groovy glasses – you are so intent on your screen -what do you see? what do you feel? how does your breath flow? may you… Continue reading

albany bulb: the lyrical landfill

when i first visited the albany bulb a couple of weeks ago on a sunny sunday with J and Brown, i had no idea what it was, really. so imagine my enthusiasm as… Continue reading

soon obsolete: mission walls up close

in the spring of 2010, i became obsessed with the textures of the mission walls in san francisco. i spent hours walking the streets in a hypnotic stupor.¬†creeping slowly…iphone in paw…eyes alert…scanning…seeking…searching. what… Continue reading

its nice to have options

chicago, july 19, 2010 – back porch stairs, top flat, elmwood street [singlepic id=366 w=500 h=500 float=]  

form vs content: or how i learned to love the binary

[ATTENTION READERS! This is a ramble and it’s far from finished, so like, don’t get ANTS IN YOUR PANTS if it doesn’t MOVE you in some way. if i’m WASTING YOUR TIME, you… Continue reading

hey crossword man in grey

hey spiky haired guy

hey u 2 guys hi!!!

hey brother w/ the stache and hat