plum 4042

plum, found on 18th street between valencia and guerrero.

tennis shoe in sepia

bianco footware. found behind the mission park & playground fence on valencia between 19th and 20th.

hey lady with the really big phone


the red & gold of my morning meander

red fleshy juicy ruby bliss on market at guerrero 8:37am                         golden fuzzy textured cushions softening in the long shadowed sun at… Continue reading

found: gizzards & hearts!

found on top of the trash bin at the corner of 14th and dolores. foster farm chicken, mostly gizzards, california fresh, never frozen, no added steroids, no added hormones, no added salt.  … Continue reading

system of angles & light

breakfast of champions

futon. coke. chunky monkey. on dolores between 14th and market street on a bright, very warm san francisco thursday morning around 11:30.

shoes. streets. san francisco.

i’m only slightly exaggerating when i say that almost every time i leave my apartment to walk around my neighborhood, i stumble upon abandoned shoes. seriously. abandoned shoes are EVERYWHERE in san francisco! why?… Continue reading

red accident with noise

the hot iron manholes of oakland ca

shot tonight on my evening walk with the brown boy in oakland near mills college. a little googling found that the phoenix iron works was a foundry started in 1901 in the iron works… Continue reading