one and a half pumas

think pink!

found on 16th at guerrero, a band of shoes creeping toward the hot pink wall.  

it takes two, baby

both found today less than two blocks apart (on 16th), a lefty and a righty. an excellent find for the barefoot san francisco stroller who left his own shoes somewhere else. size 10… Continue reading

hi ho silver!

from the blossom collection, this elegant “like new” silver high heel found without its partner on trash bin on market at guerrero. giddy up!  

warning, reflection


22 & 20 (& blue)

the analog hum of “22 & 20” with blue tape on ramona avenue this morning around 9:30.

jif for saint therese

found on the altar of mission dolores church on dolores at 16th. when i walked by two hours later, the peanut butter and bread had been placed beneath a tree at the edge… Continue reading

4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum

sticky, disheveled trident gum found in sidewalk crack on laguna at oak. (see 1971 trident gum commercial below for a trip down memory lane…)

bag of half eaten bread in the larger scheme of things…

it’s very common in SF for people leave food on or near the base of trash cans so other people who might be hungry can easily find it. here we find a loaf… Continue reading

no bouncing, no smoking