ode to the comfortably numb & totally fabulous paper cup

ode to the comfortably numb & totally fabulous paper cup. crushed. flattened. kicked to the curb. no worries. relaxed. colorful. nuzzling tenderly with the marlboro light in the bright summer hayes. nestled in… Continue reading

corrosion meet flotsam, flotsam meet graffiti, graffiti meet the salty sea…

close up investigation of fort funston’s sewage pipe area: graffiti, corrosion and a little flotsam in the midst of it all… [nggallery id=21]  

“mine” banana (or, why i love andy warhol)

banana tagged as “mine” on blue metal grill, valencia street with ed and amy.

pan blanco enriched (golden warm & ready)

on valencia between 17th and 18th walking with amy and ed. we agreed that one can only enjoy so much plan blanco enriched and then it’s like “get this bag out of my… Continue reading

no, i didn’t put the banana peel in there

honestly. it was in there. why? why????

caution text and grunge

view from the N train at church street exiting the tunnel heading west with reflective text and grunge on window. LRV = light rail vehicle.

inbound…embarcadero…in…3 minutes

hi iPad guy in camo! :)

he was reading a graphic novel. it looked neat on the screen. about six panels total in vivid color i could see from three feet away. i wonder what he was listening to… Continue reading

2 poems for 2 generations going the “wrong way” on muni

they boarded the inbound N train at embarcadero, then sat down and asked the driver which direction they were going in. oops, they wanted the outbound train to sunset. they chatted and giggled… Continue reading

hey u ladies w/ matching tennis shoes

the socks match, too. did they buy the shoes and socks together at the same time at the same store? did they argue over who got the green and who got the khaki… Continue reading