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to find the interconnectedness of all things

the parts [singlepic id=399 w=650 h=650 float=]   the sum of the parts [singlepic id=400 w=650 h=650 float=]

the space between is the thing


surveillance: 1999

surveillance: 1999 was shot in minneapolis on my friend david’s 1970s era javelin security camera.  the footage was to be used in a larger project called “monster love explode” – an unwieldy, experimental, mixed-media… Continue reading

i am not patti smith

this stream will change until it’s done writing me so if you like it check back later… i am a big ball of fiery red consciousness weaving up and down the spinal column… Continue reading

“nice n easy” – instructions for the rapture

“nice and easy” – instructions for the rapture be well. stay safe. watch network. get off the grid. do the hokey pokey. eat your vegetables. love your mother. onwards and upwards. come back… Continue reading

who’s afraid of the big bad algorithm?

Today I watched a TED presentation featuring Eli Pariser, the executive director of and author of the just released “Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You.” (continued below) Eli… Continue reading

surveillance : surface

i was driving to the dentist yesterday morning when i spied the google street view car equipped with a large camera mounted to the roof of the car. it was the first time… Continue reading

3am scrawl of not nothing

in linking together the various projects, the areas of interest regarding in[FORM]ation, i keep wanting to apply a form to my thoughts, to come up with a visual representation, a way of “presenting… Continue reading


i wanna talk about what it is about “information” that fascinates me. i mean, sure, the subject of “information” itself is trendy right now and there’s no doubt that the last decade’s explosion in… Continue reading

explorations in the text(ure) of information: a deeper dive

so, like it says in my logo and elsewhere on this site, i intend to use this space to explore the “text(ure) of information.” i also said that i don’t know exactly what… Continue reading