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the great sneaker gabfest of 2011

found gathered like cocktail party professionals, mingling atop the cranky concrete, positioned strategically at the heels of the usps drop box, across the street from a burgeoning grassy knoll. overheard amongst the rabble… Continue reading


torn and tattered san francisco chronicle advertising section in a stairwell on dolores between 16th and 17th. this was on a tuesday morning at about 930am.  

“i fell down by myself!”

ink bleeding home made message on felled tree stump at dolores and 17th. I fell down by myself! I  was not cut down!

caution text and grunge

view from the N train at church street exiting the tunnel heading west with reflective text and grunge on window. LRV = light rail vehicle.

inbound…embarcadero…in…3 minutes

hey u ladies w/ matching tennis shoes

the socks match, too. did they buy the shoes and socks together at the same time at the same store? did they argue over who got the green and who got the khaki… Continue reading

warning, reflection


22 & 20 (& blue)

the analog hum of “22 & 20” with blue tape on ramona avenue this morning around 9:30.

no bouncing, no smoking


system of angles & light