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one alley – two beat up recliners – one hell of a night

found on cedar alley at polk street these two outstanding recliners. one, a faux leather beauty with a golden haired sleeping bag aloft its battered skin. the other, a motley stained beast with… Continue reading

long tongued palladiums

found at 17th and capp these long tongued palladium boots ready for mr. butch to slip in and start hoisting concrete blocks and lumber to and fro like so many pillows. RAWR!

shooting shoes with brown

i shoot a lot of stuff with brownie by my side. here he is helping me get the best frame for the shoes. good eye brown! (and thanks J for taking the pic!)… Continue reading

pink-white bunny ear, tail & cotton $22.00

found on caledonia between 15th and 16th this morning. i got so excited when i saw the sign, but sadly, the bunny costume was nowhere to be found. maybe it hopped away…maybe the… Continue reading


found on 11th at minna, this small empty carton of milk rising from the asphalt like an architect’s dream, forceful, dramatic, with clean lines dancing from its colorful surface. thank you for being… Continue reading


found strewn across an expanse of the sidewalk on the corner of 15th at dolores. i was crouched down getting down close to the nuts to take this photo when the UPS guy… Continue reading

grape with red wall and concrete

found on duboce at valencia, this lone grape soaking in the bright light and warm waves of an unusually hot san francisco afternoon. last friday, august 26 at around 2pm.

your conduct may be recorded.

ruh-roh! found on window of a shop on market at 7th street.

good to the last drop?

found on 15th between church and dolores in tree well yesterday afternoon. an offering…

the magic apple gnome’s drying fleshy face

found in a dried leaf ridden tree well on dolores between 15th and 16th, mid-cloudy-afternoon. see the magic apple gnome peeking its curmudgeonly face and one bright blue eye from the shriveling fleshy… Continue reading