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life goes on…

found on church street at 15th this Sansui VHS player ejected from her place of slumber and forced to beg in the streets like a common betamax.

you’ve blown it all sky high

found on buchanan at market this exquisite tableau… mattress nectarine bowl sidewalk

ode to your bursting crimson flesh, oh nectarine!

ode to your bursting crimson flesh, oh nectarine! to your body now inflamed to your half chewed sinews dreaming to your asshole, to your eye

street cleaning

found on guerrero at 16th, this well-worn Kenmore DynoMite Super Power Vac rests, exhausted after a hard morning shift.  

the melon and the gams

found on bartlett @ 21st, red seedy melon in plastic bag. as i leaned in to take this shot, the woman in the brown pumps said to the woman in the stilettos, “they… Continue reading

la plume et l’orange

found at 18th and san carlos, organic and inorganic slumber in harmony in the hazy heat of a mission morn.      

let the good times roll…

found at webster @ ellis this exhausted mattress and pillow trying to get back home after a rough night on the town.

one alley – two beat up recliners – one hell of a night

found on cedar alley at polk street these two outstanding recliners. one, a faux leather beauty with a golden haired sleeping bag aloft its battered skin. the other, a motley stained beast with… Continue reading

pink-white bunny ear, tail & cotton $22.00

found on caledonia between 15th and 16th this morning. i got so excited when i saw the sign, but sadly, the bunny costume was nowhere to be found. maybe it hopped away…maybe the… Continue reading


found on 11th at minna, this small empty carton of milk rising from the asphalt like an architect’s dream, forceful, dramatic, with clean lines dancing from its colorful surface. thank you for being… Continue reading