Category Archive: talkin’ trash: celebrating our city streets

tired “eat the rich” sign takes a breather

found on fell @ webster this eat the rich sign kicks back for a few minutes in the soft beige lazy boy.

too blue: two

found on laguna @ oak street, too blue. found on capp street @ 20th, blue two.

thunderous rolling fruit balls flatten everything they encounter

found on market at 7th after the flattening event.

golden girl in the warm october sun

found on san carlos at 23 this gorgeous golden girl getting her fair share of vitamin d.

we gotta get outta this place…

found in the alley on 25th near mission jeans spilling from luggage as the guys walk away.

“damn, now i can’t watch the rockford files tonight!”

found on 14th @ dolores this retro “Teknika” TV. so analog. so amazing.

at end of turn, sacrifice spark elemental

found on dolores at 14th, this “spark elemental” fantasy game card waits to be sacrificed as the world moves around unknowingly.

plastic couch with swollen lips

found on valencia at 15th plastic couch with swollen lips.

ravenous toaster oven toasts own tail “showing off” in desperate attempt to find new kitchen counter to call home

found on 15th at church this toaster oven toasting its own tail. sad face!

morning miro with a twist

found curbside on 16th and guerrero these succulent skins softening… garbage food waste