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baby steps

found at 15th @ albion june 1, 2010.

the one that got away…

found on 17th between dolores and guerreo on saturday night around 7:30pm. crushed black shoe with mourning partner.

the great sneaker gabfest of 2011

found gathered like cocktail party professionals, mingling atop the cranky concrete, positioned strategically at the heels of the usps drop box, across the street from a burgeoning grassy knoll. overheard amongst the rabble… Continue reading

no, i didn’t put the banana peel in there

honestly. it was in there. why? why????

one and a half pumas

think pink!

found on 16th at guerrero, a band of shoes creeping toward the hot pink wall.  

it takes two, baby

both found today less than two blocks apart (on 16th), a lefty and a righty. an excellent find for the barefoot san francisco stroller who left his own shoes somewhere else. size 10… Continue reading

hi ho silver!

from the blossom collection, this elegant “like new” silver high heel found without its partner on trash bin on market at guerrero. giddy up!  

tennis shoe in sepia

bianco footware. found behind the mission park & playground fence on valencia between 19th and 20th.

shoes. streets. san francisco.

i’m only slightly exaggerating when i say that almost every time i leave my apartment to walk around my neighborhood, i stumble upon abandoned shoes. seriously. abandoned shoes are EVERYWHERE in san francisco!¬†why?… Continue reading