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shoe pile!

found on 16th @ Capp this pile of shoes getting down! whoop!

soft worn keds

found on dolores at 15th, one soft one ked heading northeast on a slightly soggy december morn.    

the birkenstock

found on 15th @ ramona this birkenstock being very brown in front of very blue and very green on top of very (nutmeg-marbled) eggshell.

super sweet adidas finally find parking!

found on 14th at dolores these super sweet purple and black adidas finally find parking during heavy street repair.

when the going gets tough…

found at 20th @ valencia these well seasoned mules accepting “what is” without trying to change it.

banged up low rider waiting for his man

found on 14th at ramona this banged up low rider converse tennis shoe. thumbs in pockets. anchor tat. frizzed hair splaying. a real cool cat.

sad face filas

found on 15th at church street these white fila basketball shoes. will they ever run swiftly across the courts again, cradling the feet of our sky leaping hero? where to, oh filas?

if the shoe fits…

found on 18th at church this fine simulacrum.

long tongued palladiums

found at 17th and capp these long tongued palladium boots ready for mr. butch to slip in and start hoisting concrete blocks and lumber to and fro like so many pillows. RAWR!

shooting shoes with brown

i shoot a lot of stuff with brownie by my side. here he is helping me get the best frame for the shoes. good eye brown! (and thanks J for taking the pic!)… Continue reading