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hey u sleeping BART woman

hi iPad guy in camo! :)

he was reading a graphic novel. it looked neat on the screen. about six panels total in vivid color i could see from three feet away. i wonder what he was listening to… Continue reading

2 poems for 2 generations going the “wrong way” on muni

they boarded the inbound N train at embarcadero, then sat down and asked the driver which direction they were going in. oops, they wanted the outbound train to sunset. they chatted and giggled… Continue reading

hey u ladies w/ matching tennis shoes

the socks match, too. did they buy the shoes and socks together at the same time at the same store? did they argue over who got the green and who got the khaki… Continue reading

hey lady with the really big phone


hey u magazine lady

hey u magazine lady such a GREAT magazine you are reading!! Thanks

hey u with the cool green tshirt and groovy glasses

hey u with the cool green tshirt and groovy glasses – you are so intent on your screen -what do you see? what do you feel? how does your breath flow? may you… Continue reading

hey crossword man in grey

hey spiky haired guy

hey u 2 guys hi!!!