ode to the black shards of analog…

four broken recordsfound on 15th street between market and castro, four broken records, artfully arranged.

did human hands place the vinyl this way? or did they fall so cleverly on their own? who broke the records? and why? was it part of a lover’s quarrel? did the angry partner, in a fit of rage, thrust his hubby’s prized possessions down down to the unforgiving walkway beneath their bedroom window? were his hands shaking as he slid his beloved’s classic chic album “dance, dance, dance, yowsah, yowsah, yowsah” from its colorful sleeve? did he pause to consider the grim consequences of his terrible act before heaving “yowsah” full force to its ultimate demise? could his lover ever forgive him? was this the beginning of the end?

broken record dance dance dance yowsah yowsah yowsah

broken record

broken record

4 replies to “ode to the black shards of analog…

  1. hey dr. sleep. i thought of you when i stumbled upon these records so i’m happy you saw this post. thanks for stopping by! xo


  2. thanks KP. since you take some of the most unique and interesting photos i’ve ever seen in my entire life, your compliment means a lot to me! xo


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