i am such a sucker: why arent i more afraid?

i know that i should be more afraid of the way that technology is taking over the worldview as digital

especially google which is TOTALLY TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

i don’t know why i feel less afraid than i should

perhaps it is because i am already lulled into that place where the media critics and all those other smart, reasonable and rightfully paranoid people always warn that we must not go, musnt under any circumstances go to this place, where i think i may already be hanging out

this must be the reason why i am so in love with the way that google, like, totally changes the page AS I TYPE IN MY SEARCH TERM

and, if i change the search term in the search box, IT TOTALLY REFRESHES THE PAGE WHILE I DO THAT

i know this is just ruby on rails and/or ajax technology at work (btw, i like what ajax actually stands for, don’t you? it’s so smart, as technology tends to be, don’t you agree? but i digress)

i cant believe i am one of those suckers who actually has been lulled into submission and isn’t afraid of what’s going to happen to me, to mother earth, to my family and friends, and to the people who are fighting for their rights, or their FUCKING LIVES, yes, some are fighting for their lives

and i am sitting here, recently, pleasantly, happily laid off from my job, enjoying the fruits of “free time” in my dark, but relatively awesome apt (its relative though, really it is, think about the extremely wide range when you look at all the possible apts in the entire world, ya know?)

i am sitting here, googling stuff, drinking coffee and listening to my cat chase herself up and down the long hardwood hallway floor and waiting for my last paycheck to be delivered by fed ex.

i am such a sucker.


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