surveillance: 1999

surveillance: 1999 was shot in minneapolis on my friend david’s 1970s era javelin security camera.  the footage was to be used in a larger project called “monster love explode” – an unwieldy, experimental, mixed-media collage keying in on the integration points between physical (neck and shoulder) pain and emotional (broken hearted) pain. i never finished the larger piece, but that’s ok. i rather like the bits and bytes i collected along the way. they’re funny, melancholic and sweet and definitely capture the essence of “what i wanted to say” with the larger project without being forced into that form(at). i’ll share more in the future.


4 replies to “surveillance: 1999

  1. should there have been some sound there Linda? None here… :/ Identified with this part of the work instantaneously – “the integration p…oints between physical (neck and shoulder) pain and emotional (broken hearted) pain.”


  2. hi shayne. thanks so much for your comment. the video is silent (taken with a security camera that they used in places like 7/11 back in the day, so no sound). glad you found some identification with the work. i’ll be posting more over time. hope you’re well, my friend. when you coming back to SF for a visit? cheers.


  3. hopefully toward year’s end, in time for 2012. Looking forward to ibeing there, but don’t want to chase any days away either… 🙂 Thanks for clearing that up also…


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