i wanna talk about what it is about “information” that fascinates me. i mean, sure, the subject of “information” itself is trendy right now and there’s no doubt that the last decade’s explosion in web “information” delivery systems has fed my interest considerably. and then there’s just the word itself: information. so formal. so abstract. so heady. the word makes me feel smart when i whisper it to myself, you know, quietly, like in my head. not to mention when i say it out loud. or use it in a sentence. “i’m exploring the texture of information.” while i’ve never actually said that to anyone, i’m going to someday. and it’s gonna feel good.

but seriously, beyond the more superficial reasons of “trendiness” and “smartness,” there is something else that feeds my fascination about information. there is something, there are some things, there are many things –  many things that i am piecing together here – there are many things which i will call projects – there are many projects (both personal and professional) that i’ve been driven to work on – ultimately by my desire to explore the concepts surrounding the subject of information.

so, it’s unfolding to me, as these days pass, that one of my purposes here is to generate synergy between these various information based projects – those which i have played with in my personal life, those which i have sparred with in academic settings and those which i’ve worked with professionally. to create synergy, to generate a framework, to build links between these different projects.

why? why do i want to do this? so i can better understand where i’ve been, to provide context, meaning, insights. so i can see it myself, so i can show it to others. so i can use it as a landscape to explore more. so i can visualize where i wanna go. so i can go. so i can go toward the future. toward the future of information.