albany bulb: the lyrical landfill

orange spray painted giraffe at albany bulb when i first visited the albany bulb a couple of weeks ago on a sunny sunday with J and Brown, i had no idea what it was, really. so imagine my enthusiasm as i beheld the splendid textures and delightful colors of this now defunct lyrical landfill. scraps of orange carpet strung far and wide across systems of wire coil, networking, interfacing, integrating with tall blades of crab grass, black earth and wildflowers. enormous monster slabs of broken concrete piled cantankerously across each other breathing quietly, so quietly next to the beautiful dirty bay.

[nggallery id=9]

5 thoughts on “albany bulb: the lyrical landfill

  1. It’s a great Huck Finn zone, the crumbling edge of the empire. I admire your pictures. I’ve been going there a long time and found it difficult to photograph, as my wide shots mostly dissolved into chaos. Your little haiku shots look great and give the feeling of wondering around and being distracted in by the details.


    1. thanks alan, for the comment. so glad you like the photos. you pretty much described exactly what happens to me when i start taking photos of the “details.” i get really intensely focused on them and the larger picture completely falls away. it’s like being IN THE ZONE. very nourishing for me. 🙂 cheers.


  2. Linda, you have a very special talent for finding beauty in chaos and trash. I love it! I like the label of Haiku photos that Alan used. So fitting.


  3. Wow. These are fantastic. So it looks like people have come in and “arted up” the landfill? It’s almost cohesive, like an installation, or maybe your shots are just so good that it appears that way. Yeah, that’s probably it… xo


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