soon obsolete: mission walls up close

cracks in blue peeling paint in mission san franciscoin the spring of 2010, i became obsessed with the textures of the mission walls in san francisco. i spent hours walking the streets in a hypnotic stupor. creeping slowly…iphone in paw…eyes alert…scanning…seeking…searching. what a rush i’d feel when i found a luscious wall! i’d blow & wail, then crouch & shoot. such a gas!

the walls moved me then (like they move me still today) because they’re so completely saturated with information: peeling paint, signs (old and new), ripped posters, tags and twists, rips, gaps, cracks, strips, dips, rust, grime…dense, rich, extravagent.

the more i looked, the more i saw. the more i saw, the more i looked. like i said, i was obsessed. and it felt good.

i took a ton of photos that spring and eventually had my first little show at a great hat store in the mission where the generous, art loving owner wanted to share my work with her customers.

below are some of my favorite walls. all pics were taken with my 3.5 megapixel iphone. all were taken with love.

[nggallery id=8]



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