its nice to have options

chicago, july 19, 2010 – back porch stairs, top flat, elmwood street

[singlepic id=366 w=500 h=500 float=]


3 replies to “its nice to have options

  1. Did you see my comment about these renderings on FB? When is the big reveal on what the heck these represent? Am I right?? Do I win??


  2. xer, you are the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! i forgot to inform you earlier, so i’m glad that you reminded me! you are the person that came closest to guessing what these options actually represent! nevermind that you are the ONLY person who actually guess, THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT! you win! your prize is that i will email you the BIG REVEAL of what the photos represent. and then i will buy you a slice of pizza and a beverage of your choice at your favorite pizzeria in st. louis this june. i guess today is your lucky day!


  3. I remember you showing them to me. The option 1 looks like a field, with an electricity pylon, and perhaps a flag to the right. Option 2 is a megalopolis, the lines on top could refer to air structures. So country/city. But why the electricity pylon? Because option 1 is not just a Walden-like Rousseau-like 70s-like going back to Nature, it’s about integrating modernism, accepting the need of an ugly pylon, perhaps integrating it aesthetically as well – because the electric lines _could_ line up with the fields lines, _could_ flow in harmony at some point. Option 2 has electricity already integrated so no need for a pylon. Buildings recreate farmers lines, as windows and glass walls line up like corn holes and barley seeds. Each window, each desk contains the worker-grain that produces the wheat for the hungry. Above us are lines we cannot reach, under us are the lines we made. We can integrate man in Nature, or man can recreate Nature. We can accept and absorb men inventions, or surround oneself with them and hope to not lose ourselves. Not past/future, but showing self-control, acceptance, temperance, versus exuberance, lost of sight, religion.


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