form vs content: or how i learned to love the binary

[ATTENTION READERS! This is a ramble and it’s far from finished, so like, don’t get ANTS IN YOUR PANTS if it doesn’t MOVE you in some way. if i’m WASTING YOUR TIME, you may want to go HERE because it is A LOT MORE INTERESTING than being HERE.]

like everyone else, i engage in activities that are based in BUILDING FORM  and activities that are based in BUILDING CONTENT. for example, as i design this site, i am obsessed with the FORM OF THE THING, wanting it to be the PERFECT VESSEL for holding space for the CONTENT OF THE STUFF that i plan to put within in.

in this way, i’m living TOTALLY LIVING IN THE BINARY (and loving it) where THE FORM and THE CONTENT are TWO DISTINCT THINGS and NOT INTEGRATED, NOT COMPLICATED, NOT TRANSITIONING, NOT MELDING, NOT BLEEDING into each other. things are NOT MESSY in this BINARY SPACE. there is the FORM and then there is the CONTENT and they are separate and that is that.

but, alas, MY BODY IS HAVING NONE OF THAT freshman, naive sort of thinking that there’s even a possibility of being able to separate form and content.


ode to the binary
oh binary! how i love thee!
how i long to actually embody the space where you are
to be there, like, in practice, and not just in theory
ya know what i mean?
what would that space look like?
that binary space?
maybe i only need to search for it