directions for easier use

word+text raw in format, technically immature, spontaneous and fueled by a backdrop of what always drives me creatively: the interconnected ribbon of thoughts stimulated by visions, sounds and memories…

i’m flying from san francisco to minneapolis reading the first coupla chapters of “proust and the squid” and listening to my headphones while babies cry. it’s a long ride and i have time to really dip into the reading. i want to interact with the words more than i can by just underlining and taking margin notes, so  i pull out my notebook and lay down some scrawls to see if there’s a way to capture the thoughts that rush and push and disappear into the next thought(s)…i take photos of the scrawls with my iphone. the images are flat, stark & scratchy. i rather like them.

[nggallery id=3]

2 replies to “directions for easier use

  1. Ooo, Linder. I really like these! I so wish I could comment on each individually! I have some really insightful and smart-ass things to say. xo


  2. thanks xer! i want to hear those smart-as things, too! i’ll tell ya, i searched hi and low for the “best” way to include photo galleries in a wordpress blog. this gallery is called NextGen and it’s the most popular one and most stable one that i found, if not the one with the best features. i totally wish that it included the ability for people to add individual comments for each photo, but alas…however, you know, that shouldn’t stop you! please feel free to leave your smart-ass comments right here!


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